transcending = finding the ground that had been forgotten.


What could this symbolize:
a triangle with a horizontal line in the middle

The interpretation of symbols can often be subjective and context-dependent. However, I can provide you with a few possible interpretations for a triangle with a horizontal line in the middle:

Balance or Equilibrium: The horizontal line could represent a state of balance or equilibrium. The triangle, often associated with change and transformation due to its dynamic shape, might symbolize a situation that is in a stable or harmonious state.

Unity of Opposites: The triangle with a horizontal line could represent the unity of opposites. The triangle typically has three points or corners, which could symbolize three different elements or concepts. The horizontal line could suggest that these seemingly opposing elements have found common ground or are integrated in some way.

Elemental Symbolism: Depending on the context, the triangle could represent different elements (earth, water, air, fire), and the horizontal line could signify a connection between these elements. This might be interpreted as a representation of nature’s interconnectedness and the balance between these forces.

Human Being: In some spiritual or esoteric symbolism, a triangle can be associated with the human being, where each corner represents mind, body, and spirit. The horizontal line could then symbolize a point of balance or harmony between these aspects of the self.

Alchemical Symbolism: In alchemy, triangles are often used to represent the three basic elements of sulfur, mercury, and salt. The horizontal line could represent a state of transformation or equilibrium within the alchemical process.

Sacred Geometry: The combination of a triangle and a horizontal line might have significance in sacred geometry, where shapes and lines are thought to hold inherent spiritual or universal truths.

Personal Meaning: The interpretation of a symbol can also be highly personal and subjective. Depending on an individual’s experiences, beliefs, and context, the symbol might hold a unique meaning that isn’t covered by broader interpretations.

It’s important to note that the meaning of a symbol can vary widely depending on the cultural, historical, and personal contexts in which it is used. If you encountered this symbol in a specific context or were provided with additional information, that context would likely influence its interpretation.


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