Tactile Listening


Jean Klein, a noted teacher of Advaita Vedanta and non-duality, used the term “tactile listening” to describe a profound, experiential way of engaging with reality. This concept is deeply rooted in his teachings on awareness and presence, emphasizing a direct, intimate experience of the present moment without the mediation of mental concepts or the separation between an observer and what is observed.

“Tactile listening” in Klein’s philosophy refers to a state where the usual distinctions between the listener and the listened dissolve, leading to a pure form of listening or awareness. It is not about listening through the physical sense of touch, but rather about an immediate, non-conceptual awareness that is as direct and palpable as touch. This form of listening is described as being without a listener and without something to listen to, embodying a state of quietness and total presence[2].

Klein’s approach to this kind of listening is not passive; it involves an active, open welcoming of all experiences—thoughts, sensations, and perceptions—with a non-resistant attitude. By engaging in tactile listening, one experiences the dissolution of the boundaries that typically separate the observer from the observed, leading to a direct encounter with reality as a unified field of awareness.

This concept is central to understanding Klein’s teachings on non-duality, where the ultimate goal is the recognition of one’s true nature as pure consciousness, beyond the dualities of subject and object. Klein’s use of “tactile listening” is a method to facilitate this realization, helping individuals to experience their fundamental, undivided state of being[2].

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