non-directive skill

According to the search results, “non-directive skill” refers to a quality of attention or engagement that is important for the process of awakening or spiritual transformation. The key points are:

  • Non-directive skill is described as a “certain quality of attention” that allows one to move towards “real individuality” or awakening 2.
  • It involves an “attentive engagement” that trusts the natural process of the ideas “germinating” and “bearing fruit” within the context of one’s spiritual work, rather than trying to force or direct the process 2.
  • Developing this non-directive skill is seen as crucial, as it allows one to become “keenly aware of the dream state in which we live our lives” and access “levels of being that are free of, and inaccessible to, the machinations of the personal self” 2.
  • The idea of non-directive skill was emphasized by the spiritual teacher Lord Pentland, who trusted that it would become a “living imperative” for his students’ work, rather than trying to explicitly define or explain it 2.

So in summary, non-directive skill refers to a receptive, trusting quality of attention that facilitates the natural unfolding of spiritual awakening, rather than trying to control or direct the process. It is seen as an essential component of the journey towards higher states of consciousness and self-realization.

Thank you James for introducing me to that term.


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