“And we learn to distinguish,
to discriminate the viveka
between that which is and cannot not be
and that which comes and goes.”
Magdi 03-27-2024

ChatGPT: “Viveka” is a term originating from Hindu philosophy, particularly in Vedanta, and it holds significance in various spiritual traditions. It refers to the ability to discern or discriminate between the real and the unreal, the eternal and the temporary, the permanent and the impermanent.

In the context you’ve provided, the verse suggests that through the practice of viveka, one gains the ability to distinguish between what is eternal or immutable and what is transient or impermanent. This discrimination is crucial for spiritual growth and understanding, as it allows individuals to prioritize what is truly valuable and enduring over what is fleeting.

In practical terms, cultivating viveka involves developing a deeper awareness of the nature of reality, questioning assumptions, and recognizing the impermanence of worldly phenomena. Through introspection, meditation, and contemplation, individuals can refine their ability to discern the essence of existence and transcend the fluctuations of the material world.

By honing viveka, individuals can cultivate inner clarity, wisdom, and detachment, leading to a deeper understanding of themselves and the universe. This discrimination enables them to navigate life’s challenges with greater equanimity and purpose, focusing on what is truly meaningful and enduring amidst the flux of existence.

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  2. James M Evans Avatar
    James M Evans

    Appreciate this. Learning to distinguish seems to imply a choice. While it may not be clear who is choosing, at the level of life, there are choices. Those apparently on this path choose it and seem to grow in the degree to which they choose it. I like the formulation, “I cannot do anything but something is up to me.”


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