Wicked – Righteous

Wicked and righteous are two polarities on the spectrum of personhood, in “me”.

The belief that my unhappiness is the missing of some thing.
The belief that my happiness is in circumstances (own house, no spouse).

The love for truth, to shamelessly examine the nature of thinking and feeling.
The bravery to allow “I don’t know” and relax (without being lazy).
To witness the compulsive thinking and doing of the surface mind.
To dis-cover heartfelt happiness beyond should, would and could.

Thinking or sinking?
The working-mind is a needed powerful tool, to operate in “this world”.
The psychological thinking-mind is our suffering and unhappiness, caused by beliefs and muscle-memory.

The solution is not out “there” in being busy being busy, but in k-now-ing myself as I am. Words can be a blessing or a hindrance; ego (“me”) is simply afraid of the liberating clarity and stillness (the light of awareness).

All psychological discomfort is the wicked aspect; not to be fixed or fought but dissolved in Love/Presence.

Please help me to find simpler/clearer/sexier words:

“There are more things likely to frighten us than there are to crush us; we suffer more in our imagination than in reality.”



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